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Introducing Unscented Soap, a handmade soap bar made with pure, nourishing oils that are gentle on even the most sensitive skin. Our soap is crafted with a blend of Coconut Oil, Canola Oil, Soybean Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Olive Oil, and Sunflower Oil, all of which are rich in essential fatty acids and nutrients that help to moisturize and protect the skin.

This soap is perfect for those who are sensitive to fragrances or simply prefer an unscented option. Unscented soap is gentle and non-irritating, making it suitable for use on all skin types, including sensitive and easily irritated skin.

Our Unscented Soap is packaged in a simple, environmentally-friendly Kraft-paper band, making it an eco-friendly choice for those looking to reduce their environmental impact. So, not only will you be nourishing your skin with all-natural ingredients, you'll also be doing your part to protect the planet.

Overall, Unscented Soap is a gentle, nourishing, and environmentally-friendly choice that is perfect for those looking to care for their skin without the use of harsh chemicals or fragrances.

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