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I love these!

The Soap Net is a new and revolutionary way to wash that feels great, preserves your soap, and eliminates the washcloth and the messy soap dish. Hand made from a recyclable polymer, the fine resilient net, in combination with air and a bar of soap, provides instant lather, massages your skin, and leaves you feeling great!

In addition to a thick cleansing lather, exfoliation and scrubbing action for a deeper, more refreshing clean, the Soap Net preserves your favorite soap bars by allowing them to dry out in between uses (without a messy soap buildup), keeping them intact, and always within reach.

  • Quickly produces a rich, perfect lather
  • Convenient wrist and wall strap
  • Hangs to prevent prevent soap dish buildup
  • Fast drying for gym and outdoor use
  • Perfect for any bar soaps up to 5.oz

If you are hooked on liquid cleansers, I encourage you to give the Soap Net a try! Liquid soaps are not only filled with skin irritating chemicals like Sodiuim Laureth Sulfate, a foaming agent and common degreaser used in auto garages, but their containers take up room in landfills, and pollute our environment. The Soap Net is an easy, effective and non-messy cleansing method that gets rid of chemicals and unnecessary plastic packaging.

I think you will really like how well these work and feel!

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