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Our top-selling Charcoal Soap Bar is a handmade, all-natural soap bar that is made in small batches with skin-nourishing oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, and castor oil. It is also infused with a blend of essential oils, including Rosemary, Peppermint, Tea Tree, and Lavender, which provide additional benefits for the skin.

One of the standout ingredients in this soap is activated charcoal, which is known for its ability to absorb impurities and excess oil from the skin. It is a popular choice for those with oily or acne-prone skin and can help to improve the overall appearance and texture of the skin.

This soap is packaged in a simple, environmentally-friendly Kraft-paper wrapper, making it a sustainable choice for your skincare routine. The Charcoal Soap Bar is the most popular soap in our shop, and it's no surprise why. Try it today and experience the benefits of all-natural, handmade soap.


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