July 31, 2022

Update on Soap Shop Hours

Update on Soap Shop Hours
As the title suggests, this is an update about my soap shop hours.

First of all, the soap shop is NOT going away; several of you have told me that this soap is all that you use. I appreciate that and I am NOT going to let you down! Mail orders, delivery, pickup and by appointment will continue as normal. Effectively immediately, however, and beginning on September 3rd, the soap shop will only be open on the first Saturday of the month. Here's why:

(1) Most immediately, I broke my foot yesterday. The soap kitchen is downstairs, and I just need to give myself a chance to heal.

(2) The soap business is my side gig. Since I work full time, Saturdays are my best day to make soap but it is difficult to make soap and run the soap shop at the same time. Having the soap shop open on the first Saturday of the month allows me to keep up with soap production while still providing soap via mail, delivery, pickup, by appointment and in person on the first Saturday of the month. Whenever you need soap or gifts, we can make that happen!

(3) This also gives me a chance to have some down time between my full-time job, and the soap business so that I don't completely burn out. This may not be a permanent situation, but it is a necessary adjustment for the time being.

If you have questions or concerns, please let me know! I appreciate all of you who have enjoyed what I have to offer. I am grateful for you and for the relationships I have with al of you!