June 06, 2020

Artisan Soaps Re-Opening Plans

Artisan Soaps Re-Opening Plans | Artisan Soaps

From the beginning, the Artisan Soap response to the Corona Virus pandemic has been one of caution. While mail orders and free local delivery has continued throughout, the public store has been closed. This has allowed us to maintain a clean environment for making a product that you can trust. It also protects the living space since this is also a home environment. We will continue to proceed with caution and are currently planning to open the physical store in July. That's still subject to change. Since this is a small shop, and a home, it is really important that no one enters the store if they have a fever and/or cough, they've been around others who could be sick, and so on. If there is any doubt at all, please, please, please continue to use the free local delivery service that's available through this website! It's free, and it's the safest way to still get your favorite soap products!

Meanwhile, we have been doing some behind-the-scenes work! Since moving to our new location in October, right before the holiday season, it has been a whirlwind of activity as we worked to set up a new space and get back to work for the holiday season. Now that we've been here a few months and have had an opportunity to see what is working and what isn't, and the physical shop is closed, we have had a chance to reorganize things and set things up a little better for the long haul. The soap kitchen and curring rooms have already been dismantled and reorganized; now we are dismantling and reorganizing the soap shop.

Additionally, as a business owner, one of the biggest on-going lessons is business administration and finances. It's one thing to get good at making high-quality soap; it's quite another thing to manage the books, accounting, inventory, tax filings, and other such matters, especially as we balance the business and full-time jobs! The processes that we started with are simply not sustainable for long-term growth and so I have used this time to research and transition to different more sustainable platforms. One example that is more relevant to you is the soap bean program. That program is coming back but the transition to a different platform that works better is taking time as we manually transfer records so that you don't lose what you have.

We are blessed to have special customers---every single one of you! I love the friendship and interaction with each of you. I am delighted by your appreciation for our products. I am committed to making the best products I know how to make for you for years to come! As we take time to do some of this critical work, soap production has been admittedly slow, and for a brief time---about another month---some soap supplies are quite low. We really appreciate your patience as we continue to get some of this backend work done so that we are ready to open back up again in July, ready to provide you with all of your favorite soaps, lotions, bath products, candles and more.

In the meantime, do take a look at what's available and place your orders here online. If you are local, select the free local delivery option at checkout and we'll drop it off at your doorstep, usually within 24 hours.