October 06, 2019

Artisan Soaps is Moving . . . Just Around the Corner!

Artisan Soaps is Moving . . . Just Around the Corner! | Artisan Soaps

I have exciting news to announce: we are moving!

That's right: the Artisan Soap Shop is moving just around the corner to a cute cottage at 2922 16th Street. It's the perfect location for a soap shop, and with a new larger soap kitchen and workspace, we'll be able to offer soap classes in the future as well! We are working to have the move completed by October 26th. 

 New Soap Cottage

2922 16th St

Originally built as a sMary's Gingerbread Househow home in 1938, "merchants in Great Bend helped to furnish it in the current fashion in order to offer decorating ideas to visitors." (Great Bend Tribune, Sept 4, 2012, pg 6.). Later, Great Bend Mayor Don Weltmer Jr & his wife Mary (Howard) -- later Fox became the first owners and Mary operated Mary's Gingerbread House from the location; it was open Monday through Friday from 1 to 5 p.m.  With the relocation of the Artisan Soap Shop at this storied Great Bend Cottage House, we are excited to continue the tradition started by Mary's Gingerbread House! Please help us share the word! We look forward to seeing all of you at the new Artisan Soap Cottage!