May 28, 2016

Play June Jaunt Jumbo Monopoly at Artisan Soaps!

Play June Jaunt Jumbo Monopoly at Artisan Soaps! | Artisan Soaps

Enter to win one of five $50 gift cards!

On June 3-5, Central-Western Kansas rolls out the carpet for the Annual June Jaunt "All American Weekend!" Every year, the Kansas communities along K-96, from Great Bend to Tribune, coordinate to host an amazing array of weekend activities: games, sidewalk sales, city-wide garage sales, outdoor movies, tours, breakfasts, art contests, live music, tournaments, beer gardens, fairs, and more. There's something for every single member of the family, and it's a great weekend to take a stroll, explore, and to just have fun! 

June Jaunt Jumbo Monopoly Game BoardOne of the events that you'll find in Great Bend this year is the first ever JUMBO MONOPOLY GAME! And Artisan Soaps is pleased to be one of the shops on the "Gameboard Square!" 

Here's what you need to do to play: Visit Artisan Soaps, or any of the participating stores, and pick up and sign the back of your Monopoly game board with your name and contact information. We'll ask you a Community Chest question and give you a sticker to place on the Artisan Soap Square of your game board. Then, take your game board around to at least 17 of the other stores to pick up their stamp as well;  you'll need 18 stamps altogether.

When you are all done, drop your game board off at the City Hall dropbox at 1209 Williams no later than 8 am on Monday, June 6th. Five of the game boards will be drawn to win a $50 gift card that can be used at any of the participating stores . . . this is why it is so important to make sure that you sign the back of your game board with you name and contact information.

Game play runs from June 1 - 5, though, not all of the stores are open on all of the days, so you'll need to check days and hours for each location. As always, Artisan Soaps is open every Saturday from 9 to 5; I look forward to seeing you on June 4th when you come to get your Artisan Soap June Jaunt Jumbo Monopoly stamp!